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The Transhuman Code Initiative
The TransHuman Code Manifesto:#MakeTechHuman

Interview with China TV on how China is becoming a hub for global AI development with the leadership from the government to help China harness AI for productivity growth and prepare for the societal shifts it may unleash. +

De. Kai-Fu Lee keynote on AI market in China and why he believes why China has a lead on this AI disruption. +

Shantenu R. Agarwal from IBM demonstrating AI Rachel interaction. Rachel reacts to questions from audience and mimics human interactions. +

With China M&A team meetings in NY. Chinese companies continue to seek deals after last year’s record acquisition spree, when they announced nearly $250 billion of foreign purchases. The nation’s overseas dealmaking started as a hunt for the raw materials needed to feed steel mills, support industrial production and keep the nation’s factories humming—the so-called old economy.
As China grew, so did its appetite for foreign acquisitions. They’ve shifted focus to acquiring the brands and technology China needs to transition to an economy driven by domestic consumption more than exports, labeled here as the new economy. +

Launch today of the TransHuman code initiative in NY. A new initiative that highlights the growing intersection of humanity and technology, its impact on our daily lives, and long-term implications. With the help of several technology and media partners, the TransHuman Code initiative will be supported by a multimedia campaign comprised of a website (transhumancode.com), secure interactive app, social media, major book launch, and content subscription service. The TransHuman Code initiative will facilitate important conversations, provide access to the latest scientific knowledge and discoveries, and offer rare access to key people and places at the forefront of our TransHuman future.
This initiative will bring together subject matter experts to engage and inform the global citizenry in thoughtful dialogue regarding the dynamic interplay between humanity and ever-evolving technology. It will help us to better understand the merger of man machine in our personal, communal, and professional existence, and challenge us to confront the application of technology to the infrastructure of our lives in areas such as employment, education, transportation, communities, government, currency, and healthcare. +


Virtual Reality

Gene Therapy/RNA Interference

Space Colonization


Autonomous Self-Replicating Robotics

Molecular Manufacturing

Megascale Engineering

Mind Uploading

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

TransHuman Identity

TransHuman Cities